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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

reflection and the buzz

Today a new social network service knocked on my door, the Buzz!

So now we have Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and the Buzz to listen to. right?


Now you have another channel to participate in the conversation, and the more the better.


Because to be effective in your life, you have to Reflect on your experiences, to process them from a flow of tweets into an understanding of the context in which you work and live.

By reflecting and participating in the conversation you being active and real learning happens where you shape the events instead of being shaped by them.

As the Buzz gets louder and louder you get to choose: "How much will I consume and how much will I create?" let's Buzzzzzzz.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Future of learning

Reading about a new startup in the learning /education area made me start thinking about how should learning work in the 21st century. The future is not in individually learning from an adaptive software . Rather its in working in teams on projects.

The classroom of the future that I imagine, is built around teams working together on a project that challenges and extends the children skills while building teamwork and social and emotional intelligence skills.

"On Becoming a Leader" by Warren Bennis emphasizes learning about yourself and the world and developing your right-brain skills as a pivotal step in becoming a leader.
Learning according to Bennis is a 3 steps process:
  1. Anticipation: being proactive rather then reactive and passive.
  2. Listening to others
  3. Participating: shaping events rather then being shaped by them.
All are better doen by doing a project with a team rather then working against personalized adaptive software.