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Monday, May 14, 2007

control your emotions at the work place

Emotions are our strength and our weakness, how should we control them instead of them controlling us?

"I am what I feel"
Emotions are our compass in life. Without our emotions we would not be able to make any decision in life. In the end of every "good" dilemma we are left with few options and we decide one of them based on the feeling and emotions that the options arise in us.

However emotions can also be our weakness, holding us back. They could make the simplest meeting or conversation in to a major problem by breaking a relationship with a work colleague.

The Ririan Project Blog suggest 20 ways to outsmart our emotions.

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Monica said...

The writer acts like anger is the only emotion. What about fear, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, feelings of inadequacy? Don't title it like it talks about emotion and then only mention one!