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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Power of Community

Priscilla Palmer has put together this massive list of personal development websites.

I see you saying to yourself, "Another list, why should I bother with it". So this is why, Chris Marshall from Martial Development has created The Personal Development Oracle. A Google custom search engine, if you ask the oracle a question it will search for the answer from the personal development blogs on the list.

This is the power of web 2.0, each member of a community puts is his own special contribution of the subject and everybody can enjoy it, with simple tools such as search box.


Priscilla Palmer said...

Thank you for the link, and the comments. I really appreciate all of your effort.

Erin said...

Hi Gilad,

After Priscilla Palmer's self development list Jenny and I have decided to try to help build the self development community. So we are holding a little contest. I would like to invite you, and anyone else interested, to find out more details at
href="">Win a $25 Gift Certificate.

Erin said...

Oops, I was moving too fast and my link came out funny. Try this -

Monday Morning Power said...

I believe that by just being a part of “Priscilla’ Palmer’s Personal Development list obligates each of us to also post this list. You like me (Killeris at “Attitude, the Ultimate Power”) are on this list. If you have already posted it, THANK YOU. If you have not posted it, I am officially putting out a challenge that you add additional sites that fit the theme and post it. This list can be found at:

Clubbs said...

Hello there! I am inviting members of Priscilla Palmer's Personal Development List to participate in a blog series based on the Desiderata. I hope you'll consider participating. Here is a link describing the project: Help Wanted: Desiderata Series. Thank you and have a great day.

Tina Su said...

Good post.I like what you did with your blog.

Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple. Be Decisive.
~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

spierce said...

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