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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"All the good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow", Grant Wood

Having a personal organization system is vital for achieving a state of flow in your life. It releases your mind for creativity and growth.

I'm using remember the milk as my task manager.


  • It is simple, clean, streaming and have a zen like feeling to its design. No clutter, everything is clear, and easy to maintain.

  • Great keyboard interface. almost everything can be done from the keyboard. adding tasks, tagging them, prioritizing, updating, adding links/notes/due dates. even batch editing (use the 'm'ulti-mode).

  • used as a module in my personal management system. It has great gadgets for your mobile phone, personalized homepage, calender, maps, dashboard, email, and with the new Google gears feature you don't have to be connected to have your list.

  • using tags and smart lists you can customize the way you using RTM. you can tag task by project, context, location, status, and then have specialized lists using the tags.

  • Sharing tasks is great for project management, family messages and shopping lists.
Here is how I use RTM:
  • I have only few lists:
    • Inbox - for fast insertion of tasks, that i can process later.
    • tagged - all processed tasks
    • projects - list projects and for every project i have and Outcome, progress, and reference notes.
    • goals - prioritized by: short term(few months), medium term (1-3 years), long term (3-20 years)
  • I tag every task by project, location, context, and any other tag that come into mind. On my weekly review I go over my tag cloud instead of on lists.
  • I use smartlists to have a list of tasks i use. Then I have a RTM gadget on my iGoogle page, in addition to the main RTM gadget that I use as my "hard landscape", that i change to watch the list I want at any given depending on what I work on.
  • Get Things Done - on my weekly review I tag tasks I want to complete this week as 'thisweek', then I go over the list and give a due date for each task on the list. I make sure that I have an action for every project I'm working on. This way I know I'm going to make progress on all my projects.

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