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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Freedom Writers

I just finished watching the amazing Freedom Writers movie. The story is similar to other teacher movies which are based on true stories,Coach Carter for example. But the acting in this movie is superb as is the real story.

It is unbelievable what one person can achieve with when he/she really believe in the value of its own work, and how empowering it can be if you set up a system of trust and believing in the unique voice of each individual in the group.

The environment created in that class room by this "novice" teacher, should be a model for every team and group of people working together. And the teacher's attitude of no obstacles just opportunities, should be a model for my own attitude.

Lessons from the Freedom Writers can be learned on so many levels: motivation, power of commitment to change and growth, blame-everybody vs. you can make a change, leadership, education and parenting, overcoming obstacles and so more.

I'm still owed by this story, go now and watch the movie or read the book.

Go Freedom Writers

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